It's All about Him

To my friend who worries about not being good enough to get into heaven:

God's Work

What do you think: Will God fail at His work? Can God fail at anything?
For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. — Moses 1:39
God's work is to save you. God will do his work. Still, as we walk on the boisterous waters of our tumultuous lives, we regularly cry out, "Lord, save me!" And every time we ask him to save us, He always will, with a loving rebuke, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?"1

Of Course, We will Fail.

At the day of judgment, we will all be guilty and worthy of spiritual death. No one is without sin.(see 2, 3, 4) All our works, our words, and even our thoughts will condemn us, and that is when we would rather be crushed by the rocks and the mountains than look at God.(see 5, 6) Since God cannot allow any sin(see 7, 8) — and since we have all sinned — none of us will be worthy of the Celestial Kingdom of God.

Except —

It's not about us.

If you want God to judge you based on your thoughts, words, and deeds, I imagine He can accommodate your desire. But you will fail the test. The "bouncer" at the pearly gates will send you packing, because truly, only One is invited to the party; only One has the proper ID to get in.

The only way into the Kingdom is perfection. You must have clean hands and a pure heart.(see 9) You must be good, and there is only One good.(see 10, 11, 12) I'm talking about the kind of good that involves keeping all of the commandments and fulfilling all of the law — every jot and tittle. If you think you are good enough because you don't murder, you actually must never speak an angry word. If you think you are good enough because don't fornicate, you actually must never think an impure thought. If you think you are good enough because you love your friends, you actually must love and pray for your enemies and give all you have to the poor.(see 13, 14) None of us are that good. Face it, the Celestial Kingdom is for gods.(see 15) Are you a God? I am not.

So, how can we possibly get in to heaven?

The disciples of Jesus asked Him who could be saved, and He actually responded that it is impossible for men.(see 16)

Remember, our eternal life is God's work. It's His job to get us into heaven. It's not about us.

If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the judgment will not be about us. It will be about Him.

In the Old Testament, Abraham bound his son, Isaac, to an altar, signifying that each of us must die. But just as Abraham picked up the knife to slay his son, God provided a ram for the sacrifice. This "switch" on the altar illustrates how the judgment will go for those with faith in Jesus: "God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering."17

If we have faith in Jesus,

Our Judgment will be All about Him.

Read carefully how Jesus will plead our case before the Father, if we have faith in Him:
Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin, in whom thou wast well pleased; behold the blood of thy Son which was shed, the blood of him whom thou gavest that thyself might be glorified; Wherefore, Father, spare these my brethren that believe on my name, that they may come unto me and have everlasting life. — D&C 45:4-5
Did you notice? If we have faith in Christ, God will not look at our thoughts, words, and deeds on the day of judgement. He will not examine our hands and heart to determine whether we are worthy. If he did, we would be found spiritually dead and unable to save ourselves. We would not be allowed to pass through the veil.

Instead, at our judgment, when we want to enter the presence of the Father, God will look at the suffering, the death, and the blood of the "last Adam."(see 18) God will look at the pure heart and clean hands(see 19) of the only good One; the only One who is Faithful and True in all things(see 20); the One who has "graven [us] upon the palms of [His] hands."21 And because of the grace, the love, the obedience, and the worthiness of the Lamb who was sacrificed for us,(see 22) we will receive eternal life. Because of the atONEment of Christ, those with faith in Jesus will pass through the veil as if they were the only One permitted to enter.

In this way, Jesus is judged for and in behalf of those who are spiritually dead. It is all about Him.

Do as the Prodigal Son

If you worry that you're not good enough for heaven, stop worrying.  You're not good enough.  Like the prodigal, you and I have wasted our inheritance, we have "sinned against heaven," and we are "no more worthy to be called" God's children.23 Nevertheless, let us trust that Jesus is good enough to make it to heaven for us.  And that is enough. It is God's work and glory to bring to pass our eternal life. He will sanctify us and "fit us for heaven."(see 24) He will do His work.

Since the dead can neither perform their own saving work nor live a life of perfection, they need only have faith in Jesus, accept the work done on their behalf, and desire to love God and to love everyone else.(see 25) These "easy" requirements for salvation(see 26) are the same for those of us who are dead spiritually because of our sin. If we keep coming back to Him, humbly acknowledging our faults, then our loving Father will always have compassion, run to us, kiss us, and rejoice that we, who were dead, are alive again.(see 27)


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